“Because Thor had personal experience of being ill and recovering this was a big motivator to work with them. This was a hard won experience and they really know what they are talking about. Because they knew this illness and had travelled the path to being well, my husband and I could relax, knowing that our son was in good hands.  Throughout we felt that he was being held and supported.

Thor was able to give our son the time that he needed and give us that glimmer of confidence that this illness was not a mystery. This meant we dared to hope that our son would get well again.

Getting specific advice for each stage of the recovery was very important.  The map that Thor provided was key to the success of the work, coupled with nutrition and physiology support from Chris Astill-Smith. From Thor, we got both strategic advice about the illness as well a practical advice, for example about how to prepare for travelling abroad and how to best manage the travel so he wouldn’t get worse. This map was invaluable.

As parents it’s hard to know what to do and when.  Having a specialist that could encourage our son to move forward when needed and advise him when to step back meant that as parents we could focus on being mum and dad.  This was a massive weight off our shoulders. Our son was being supported by other adults who are trusted and respected specialists, so we could let go a bit and this helped us all as a family.

Our son has fully recovered. He has been able to get back into education and is now enjoying being at university.

As a mum, I kept searching for solutions and didn’t want to settle for anything less than good health for my son.   I was determined to find a solution.

For me, It was important to both accept what was going on, and also to find a way forward

Thor was practical and pragmatic with our son, they were able to speak in a way that made sense to him and engaged him. They have an incredible ability to encourage and inspire and have a joie de vivre.

I highly recommend Thor and The Helpful Clinic”