Thor A Rain in orange jumper

Founder of The Helpful Clinic and the First Aid for Feelings approach, Thor is dedicated to compassion and a no-nonsense approach to your well-being and health.

For over a decade, Thor has helped hundreds of people to manage and improve their physical, mental, and social health, specialising in pain, fatigue, stress and anxiety. They are uniquely qualified to do so having recovered from complex PTSD, ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia – diagnoses given by their doctor in 2003, along with the prognosis that they would never get well. 

Thor did get well. It took seven years. They subsequently trained in a range of complementary therapies, including clinical hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and emotional freedom technique (EFT). This clinical experience, harnessed to academic training and years working in film production and project management, enabled them to pioneer a practical and easy-to-use approach to support health and wellbeing: First Aid for Feelings. Galvanised by patients’ successes, Thor set up a social enterprise in 2015 to help others. Read more about Thor’s journey here.



Neil Johnson Picture

Neil Johnson

Operations co-ordinator

Neil keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes, from patient enquiries to organisation and financial management, plus anything in between. Outside of work, Neil loves nothing more than long dog walks with his young family.

Nicki Hayes Picture

Nicki Hayes

Research and writing partner

Nicki works alongside Thor developing training programmes and their forthcoming book, The First Aid for Feelings Manual. A bit of a word-nerd, there’s nothing Nicki enjoys more than bringing the clinic’s work and stories to life.

James Devonshire Picture

James Devonshire

Content partner

James helps with various aspects of content. When he’s not writing, James can be found with his wife and five young children on a beach in the Philippines.

Denny the dog

Denny the Dog

Chief treat eater

Denny helps teach patience and hope. She’ll wait for a long time for a treat, and is usually rewarded for her patience. Denny acts as Thor’s personal trainer, taking them out for daily walks keeping Thor mentally, physically and socially fit. Read Denny’s view here.

Thana Asaad Picture

Thana Asaad

 Digital marketing partner

Thana helps Thor strategise, socialise and sustain an online presence on social media platforms. When not “marketing” she is looking for ways to live happier.
Manar Asaad Picture

Manar Asaad

 Graphic designer

Manar turns Thor’s ideas into designed visuals for social media platforms. When not designing, she’s doing fashion modelling or (most likely) brewing a nice cup of tea!
Jenny Wade Image

 Jenny Wade

Independent leadership consultant

Jen passed away in spring 2020. She had been advisor to The Helpful Clinic from the start. You can read more about Jen’s contribution to the Helpful mission here.