Are you experiencing pain, fatigue, anxiety or stress, or fed up that you’re not seemingly getting the support or the results you need? There is a good chance our one-to-one health support can help you. Here at The Helpful Clinic, we help you understand what is going on for you and what you need to do about it. Our Helpful 3D approach is designed to support your physical, mental and social health in practical ways that help you feel better.

How does it work

Your journey to better physical, mental and social health begins with a discovery call with Thor.  They are a pain and fatigue specialist, as well as a First Aid for Feelings trainer, with over 7,500 clinical hours under their belt.

The discovery call is an opportunity for you and Thor to discuss what’s going on for you and where you’d benefit from help.  This could be in terms of physical or mental health symptoms, it could also be in terms of your social health, like social anxiety and relationships.

We offer up to three free 20-minute discovery calls. This means you’ve got time to ask all the questions you may have and time to think about next steps so that when you come onboard you feel in good hands.

Consultations are usually an hour. If you need a different duration, we will work that out together in your discovery call. We will work with you in consultations by phone or video, at a time that suits you best. We’ll create a personalised plan that focuses on your physical, social and mental wellbeing. You’ll learn about what’s driving your symptoms and the tools and techniques to help you reduce or resolve them.

We will get curious about what’s going on for you and focus on practical strategies to help you feel better as well as understanding what’s driving feelings like symptoms etc. You will learn how to ‘read’ and respond to your symptoms so either your symptoms are resolved or become less intense and easier to manage. We use a range of techniques , including First Aid for Feelings.

If relevant, the support may also involve working with complementary and evidence-based medicine colleagues.

Step by step or a journey

You can start with a single consultation to see how that feels and what a difference it makes for you. This means we take it step by step and gently find our way forward in terms of what you need and what’s helpful to you so that you then feel better.

There’s also our Journey programme which provides you with structured health support towards improved health. With a 120 page Journey guide and a map of how to feel better, this programme gives you structure and support. You can find out more about our Journey programme by downloading our information pack.

Why are all consultations by video or phone?

We offer consultations by video or phone. This means that consultations are easily accessible saving time, money and energy as you don’t need to travel.  You can prepare for your consultation in your own way and afterwards you can take the time to look after what you need without having to find your way home (and saving your carbon footprint).

We’ve been delivering all our health support by video or phone for over a decade which means that we have extensive experience in this method of supporting you.  The arrival of Covid-19 did not affect our services as it was business as usual for us.

The people we have supported have found this way of accessing support to be extremely intuitive and valuable. And they’re not alone. Indeed this research reveals that telehealth (health support and services via phone and/or video) has significantly benefited patients, with over 80% saying they felt it provided them with ‘…a sense of access and continuity of care’.

Interested in finding out more?

Our case studies are a great starting point. You can learn how Derek overcame chronic fatigue and regained control of his life and how Helen’s overexertion and depleted energy levels caused havoc for her and her entire family. By learning how to understand their symptoms and how to address and reduce or resolve them, both Derek and Helen were able to improve their health and feel better.

If you’d like a more in-depth insight, read our patients’ own words.  They are candid accounts straight from the mouths of our patients, we haven’t edited a single word.

We regularly work with people with the following conditions:

We can also support you if you are recovering from an illness, like cancer, or following medical treatment.

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Not sure if this could be helpful to you? Book a discovery call and we can talk through your situation. If we feel our methods are unlikely to help you, we will give you some alternative helpful recommendations.

Without their dedicated, wise and compassionate guidance I would not be where I am today. I will be forever grateful.