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We are proud to collaborate with Insight Timer and offer a library of free online meditations, as well as the 10-day First Aid for Feelings course. You can learn a little more about Thor and see their entire Insight Timer meditation collection by visiting their teacher profile.

If you’d like to start by sampling the free library of meditations before the First Aid for Feelings course, here are a few we recommend, all of which have received excellent feedback (as all of Thor’s meditations do):

The library meditations have been played more the 25.000 times and many people book-mark their favourite meditations and listen to them as part of their First Aid for Feelings.

Introducing our 10-day First Aid for Feelings online meditation course

You can access our 10-day First Aid for Feelings online meditation course here. Each lesson is around 15 minutes long. This means it’s practical and easy to fit it into your every day. Indeed, all you’ll need to learn how to do your own First Aid for Feelings is your phone or tablet and headphones, plus 15 minutes a day for 10 days.

  • Consistently rated 4.7 out of 5 by nearly 2000 students!
  • Just 15 minutes a day
  • Download the Insight Timer app here and learn when it suits you.

Why enrol in an online meditation course with Thor A Rain?

We often dismiss the role of feelings, both physical sensations and emotions and go to great lengths to suppress, ignore, numb or disconnect ourselves from our feelings. By doing that we lose access to valuable information. Because of that the time will come when such behaviours start to negatively impact work, relationships and health. Still wondering why you need to know your First Aid for Feelings? Find out more here.

Testimonials for the online meditation course

Not sure if it is right for you? Here’s what people are saying:

Thor’s calming voice is a balm to the soul.

Jules H

The tools I learned here helped me through an emotionally difficult time, and I feel like I can never lose them again. Most important for me was the mediation about choice. It almost immediately got me out of a rabbit hole I was stuck in. Wonderful course with life changing qualities.


Thank you. I have to say I changed the course of one of my encounters with my older teen daughter when I “crocodiled” and realized what was happening. When telling this to my wife and younger daughter they both stopped what they were doing and turned to me to listen when I realized…hm…I don’t usually talk about my feelings or how I handle them.