“Becoming ill came out of the blue (or so it felt) and completely disrupted my life. Before that I was a very active person, but now had miniscule amounts of energy to use. My symptoms began like a terrible flu or virus, but the incredible weakness and lack of energy just didn’t go away with the cold symptoms, leaving me rather worried and completely debilitated. Even walking to and from the nearest tube station was a big, big deal, so I had to drastically cut down all my activities often just staying at home.”

“Within six months or so of the treatment I could do a bit more walking, but often at a snail’s pace. I had no tolerance for alcohol either, and my limbs felt sore in an odd way I’d never had before. So it had a drastic influence on my social life, my work, and my leisure. I felt like a shadow of my former self. After about 9 months I found some help outside mainstream medicine: I saw Thor A Rain as well as a nutritionist. In my sessions with Thor we talked through many aspects of my lifestyle—timing, sleep, and mental patterns—and established a number of things that were clearly not conducive my general health or recovery (at least after we’d talked they were clear—before I hadn’t really thought much about them). With Thor I also learn several ways to conceptualize my illness and the recovery process, and these were extremely helpful; I was able to relax, and focus on my recovery in constructive way. In the end, I think that the skills and patterns we established not only led to my recovery but have also improved my lifestyle in general.”

“Now almost three years after the initial onset of the illness (after roughly two years seeing Thor), I’m back living the active lifestyle I always had—running, swimming, or cycling, between 2 and 5 times a week, plenty of walking and generally going wherever life leads. (To be precise, I first started running again two and a half years after getting ill.) It’s a huge relief to have recovered, and I’m extremely grateful to both Thor for their excellent work, understanding, and patience.”