Do you know how much it costs your business when people are off sick (absenteeism)? Or, how much its costs your business when people turn up to work, but, because they are not feeling very well, do not perform to their best ability (presenteeism)? Probably not. But you probably do know that absenteeism and presenteeism are costs that you do not want to bear.

We can help. We support businesses to develop healthy teams and individuals who can deliver their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensure the long-term success of your business. 

One-to-one support

We help employees who are struggling with stress, anxiety, pain and fatigue. The focus is to provide support as well as techniques and tips so that they can better understand and respond to what is happening to them.  Wherever possible, we support people to stay in work and find a sustainable and constructive way forward.

Read here for more information about how this support works.

Do you have concerns about an employee who’s struggling with stress, pain, fatigue or anxiety, needing time off work or returning to work after time off?

Through one-to-one consultations, we work with employees who are at risk of being off work due to stress or illness. We also support employees who have been off sick to set them up well for their return to work. Our approach ensures that the needs of both the business and the employee are balanced. This results in improved personal and organisational health.

Do you have an employee who’s rich in potential and want to harness that potential?

Through one-to-one consultations, we work with aspirational employees. We focus on the growth mindset, marginal gains, agility and strength in terms of feelings and leadership. We also strengthen skills for managing time and resources (including energy).  Combining these two elements enables people to transform issues into opportunities. Designing a focused course of consultations with specific deliverables and outcomes, we use real-life business issues and opportunities to ensure that the work is always practical and relevant to business needs.

Team support

Managing Uncertainty – Powering Potential

Any kind of uncertainty within a business can negatively impact teams, sales, customer satisfaction and other KPIs. We understand this. We help businesses going through uncertainty to focus on powering the potential within that uncertainty. After all, without uncertainty, there is no potential.

We work with teams to help them understand the power and potential of uncertainty. We share a practical approach to risk assessment and managing teams where there’s the risk of discord, negative behaviours, absenteeism, presenteeism, and loss of talent or knowledge.

The Helpful Clinic trainers deliberately focus on shifting your team from fire fighting to fire prevention. Our training emphasis is on strategic thinking.

Discover how the Managing Uncertainty – Powering Potential programme helped a business leader and his management team. Together they not only successfully mitigated and managed the risks associated with a period of significant and strategic change, they also performed beyond expectations. Read our case study.

Stress and preventing burnout

Absence due to stress, the risk of burnout, as well as other stress-related issues and illnesses, is a real and significant concern for business and individuals. Knowing how to manage stress as well, and how to respond to periods of heightened stress, can mean the difference between failure and success.

The training is based on the Formula 1 model of high performance, team cohesion and maximising the yield from every component and contributor.

We focus on:

  • The power of the high performing mindset; how to build that mindset and keep it agile, responsive and dynamic for every member of your team
  • Creating dashboard indicators that let you know if someone or something is overheating or underperforming
  • How, once you’ve achieved high performance, you safeguard it and keep it sturdy and sustainable in terms of people’s health.

We help individuals, organisations and teams to take health seriously. No longer do they accept the collateral damage to health for non-sustainable, non-replicable short term gains.