We regularly ask you (via our fortnightly newsletter) to recommend stuff that you find helpful to have in your First Aid Kits for Feelings (books, movies, scents, playlists, activities, spaces, anything really). This page contains all of your past recommendations.

Now you might have a first aid kit at home, packed with plasters, paracetamol, bandages and so on. A First Aid Kit for Feelings works in exactly the same way. However, it’s packed with tools, tips and things that help you respond to emotions and symptoms.

The role of physical sensations and emotions is often dismissed, and we go to great lengths to suppress, ignore, numb, or disconnect to these feelings. But all feelings are information and there will come a time when ignoring them will start to negatively impact our work, relationships, and health.

We use something that allows people to recognise feelings — even when they are uncomfortable — and deal with them well. We call it ‘First Aid for Feelings’.

Are you familiar with the mnemonic ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) for medical first aid? We adapted this to work for feelings so it’s ABC for Feelings, which stands for Awareness – Breathing & Body – Choice.

You can discover more about this technique and start taking advantage of it by signing up to the First Aid for Feelings course on Insight Timer. You can listen to Day one for free and without even creating an Insight Timer account, allowing you to see if this is something that could be helpful for you.

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