Joining Finola on the show this week is inspirational health activist, pain and fatigue specialist and founder of the First Aid For Feelings social enterprise, Thor A Rain. Thor has been on a remarkable journey to coping with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and PTSD, and even against all odds, Thor embarked on a seven-year journey to a full recovery. For over a decade, Thor has been smashing goals and helping thousands of people deal with chronic pain, stress and anxiety through their social enterprise First Aid For Feelings and the meditation tool, Insight Timer.

In this episode, Thor candidly opens up about their journey of surviving to thriving: how their crippling overnight illness shook their world upside down and the road to recovery. This episode glitters with so many wonderful nuggets and tools as Thor takes us along the bumpy road of their entrepreneurial journey and reminds us that we all have a choice. Thor also shares excellent tips when seeking medical care and reveals their effective rule of three.