Over the years, we’ve been asked when the First Aid for Feelings Manual will be published.  Well, that time is fast approaching…

Thor and Nicki are finalising the book and it’s currently going through the proofreading and design stages.  We’ll share more about when and how you can get your copy in our newsletter over the next few weeks.  

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What is the First Aid for Feelings Manual?

The First Aid for Feelings Manual,  much like a traditional First Aid Manual, gives practical advice on how to respond to different situations. However, rather than relating to medical situations, the information and advice it provides focuses on helpful ways to respond to physical sensations and emotions – in other words, feelings. 

What does the First Aid for Feelings Manual teach?

The First Aid for Feelings Manual, as the name suggests teaches you the basics of First Aid for Feelings. Each chapter shares a story of someone who has used the techniques about to be explored, an explanation of the philosophy and science behind the technique, and some practical exercises to help you apply the technique to your personal circumstances.

You will learn:

  • How understanding the purpose of feelings means you no longer get stuck 
  • How to know if you are struggling with your feelings
  • Your ABC for Feelings, a new technique which is just as important as the ABC (Airway, Breathing, Circulation) for medical first aid, and which will help you respond helpfully to your feelings
  • Why your brain is like a three-scoop ice-cream and how understanding this will help you when you are struggling with feelings 
  • How the practise of breathing mindfully helps to release stress and improves your ability to think more clearly
  • How taking time to learn what your feelings mean, and what they are communicating, gives you the clues and power to reach your goals
  • Why, if you feel that you don’t have any choice, you are “crocodiling”
  • How soothing your crocodile helps you make better choices
  • Why curiosity makes it easier to respond to intense feelings and take helpful action
  • How being kinder to yourself helps you be more skilful and successful with yourself and others
  • How to start building a First Aid Kit for Feelings and set yourself up well for whatever comes your way.

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