Today is quite an extraordinary day.

Today we celebrate what is possible when we come together and practice being Helpful. It is extraordinary to think that in just over a year there’s now a community of people who share the belief that increasing Health and Emotional Literacy is a good thing. That in doing so we improve our own Health and Wellbeing and are willing to invest our time and focus to that purpose and share it with others. Today is a coming together in gratitude, sharing waffles, a bit of wonder and recognising just what a wondrous thing we have made happen, together.

I am deeply grateful and inspired, my feet feel the solid ground beneath me and my heart feels open and connected. I often joke that the reason I’m so good at using and sharing the First Aid Kit for Feelings is that I’ve had extensive personal practice! I am continuously practising, often really quite unskilfully but diligently, at least most of the time. I have got such rock-solid belief that feelings are information, whether they are emotions or physical sensations like symptoms. That at the end of the day, being curious is infinitely more helpful than being critical. And that no life, no matter what we achieve and deliver, is well lived unless in collaboration and communion with our health and our bodies. It is our body that wakes us up each morning. I thank my feet for having carried me here today.

I thank my body for letting me know how we (my body, myself and I) are feeling, doing and going

/\ thora

The Helpful Crew celebrating with waffles!