Your most precious Valentine is YOU!

Today is culturally programmed to direct our attention to the person or persons that we are romantically involved with and can feel alienating to those that are not in such relationships for whatever reason. Whether you love it or hate it, we all tend to have a response to Valentine’s day and its focus on romantic love.

Whatever your stance is, my invitation to you is to shift your perception of this day and notice the person who is always there. YOU. Your most intimate and involved relationship is the one you have with yourself. Someone much wiser than I, once said: Wherever you go, you are. That is so true. Every moment of every day you are with you. It’s achingly rare to hear this most intimate and enduring relationship with yourself mentioned, let along championed in the same way that we focus on lovers, spouses and partners.

Take a moment to pay attention, to value who you are and that you are here. Regardless of where here is, what would it feel like to do something romantic for and with yourself? Even something silly and shallow. Or … deep and profound! You and you are the only ones in this relationship and you can make your relationship whatever you want it to be.

The important thing to remember is that it IS a relationship and therefore worthy of being nurtured and looked after like any other significant relationship you have. Use today’s focus on Love to be loving towards yourself. Cradle your own cheek and giving yourself a wink as you declare your love for yourself or if you’d prefer to do something less American West Coast and more Lancashire let yourself know that: ‘you’re a good’un’ and breathe …