“When I met Thor, I was in an early stage of the CFS/ME journey. I was pretty confused and upset and clueless. Thor has really helped me to understand my condition much more clearly, the factors contributing to it, and how to re- train myself in order to recover. To break down the many aspects of the problems and look at them one at a time…

I don’t really know anyone who thinks that doctors can help with ME/CFS. In fact they are the last people to even relate to it!! I have a friend who is a GP and he really doesn’t get why I can’t do things!! My own GP sees me every 2 months, she is respectful and kind, and writes sick notes but she acknowledges that she is in no position to help me!!

Thor has helped me to take control of my physical and mental health with the first aid kit, speedometer, and many other tools. ME is a bit less mysterious, more logical to me, I know how to heal. I have not healed because I do need more regular support, if I could afford to see her every week then I think my progress would be more rapid, I am still a bit overwhelmed and my pace of study is super slow.

Donated Consultation time was a lifeline actually. I really would still be lost without it, still very confused and hoping for some “magic bullet”. Now I understand well what the job is, and it’s a matter of carrying on steering the course that Thor has helped me to set, as best I can, each day.

I still hope that when I am better and working again, I can pay something back…

I spent a few years in denial of my condition, supported by everyone around me to just keep going. I would say please, please listen to your body NOW, acknowledge how you feel and do something about it because it really will get worse if you don’t, but if you do, your body can be a helpful friend steering you towards a better life.

I had not been sick enough to know about this cycle. I thought I would be better after this work, but now am understanding that more patience is required as the self unravels and then will be reassembled.

Yes I would recommend The Helpful Clinic!”