Thor will be virtually taking part in the upcoming Mental Health & Social Media Discussion Panel at Cambridge Social Media Day 2021 on October 19th.

The discussion will focus on whether we can have a healthy relationship with social media while we work with it?

Do you feel that your relationship with social media is helpful?

Thor says, “Mental health issues aren’t always the symptom of social media use; they can also be the cause. Getting curious is the key to the solution”.

The panel will comprise:

  • Thor Rain – Health Activist
  • Danielle Bridge – Mental Health Consultant
  • Thana Asaad – Social Media Expert
  • Lenka Koppova – Marketer
  • Alex Hughes – Entrepreneur (Chair)

All of these individuals have witnessed first-hand the impact of social media on mental health, so it’s sure to be a valuable, helpful discussion.

If you won’t be attending the event, but would like to benefit from the insights that the panel will inevitably afford, you can catch the replay here: