The First Aid for Feelings course is now available on Insight Timer. This 10-day meditation centres on the fact that all feelings are information and it’s much more helpful to be curious than critical or dismissive.

When we are grappling with heightened thoughts, emotions and symptoms in one way shape or form, knowing First Aid to respond to your own feelings is an essential skill and knowledge to have. That’s why this course was created.

In the same way that medical first aid uses the mnemonic A-B-C (Airway, Breathing, Circulation), the First Aid for Feelings focuses on Awareness, Breath & Body and Choice.

Drawing on a deep understanding of how the body’s fight / flight / freeze response works, Thor uses Professor Linden’s 3-scoop ice cream analogy of the brain to explain how your current reactions to feelings and situations are strongly influenced by the evolutionary legacy of how the brain is structured.

This meditation course is informed by Thich Nhat Hanh’s practice of looking deeply. Thich Nhat Hanh is a zen buddhist, founder of the Order of Interbeing and recipient of the Global Peace Prize and Courage of Conscience award.

The best part is that you can listen to Day One of the course free on the Insight Timer app without even creating an account to see if it’s something that would be helpful for you.

You’ll only be asked to pay ($20) when you attempt to access Day Two. It’s also worth noting that purchasing the course enables you to listen to it via Insight Timer on the web or the app.

Get started now via Insight Timer: First Aid for Feelings