As of today, we’ve reached a whopping 66% of the First Aid for Feelings Manual crowdfunding goal and it’s great to feel your support and momentum to help publish this important document.

We set an aspirational goal because it includes not only publishing the First Aid for Feelings Manual but also our health activism focus of giving copies to libraries as well as health care professionals and students which is a #payitforward pledge.

With only 2 days to go having raised two thirds of our goal, we still have a third of the goal reach. It’s a big challenge! I have been told that although it’s a tall task, IT IS possible and that others have been able to make that happen.

The team and I are feeling buoyant and unwavering in our determination to do our best to reach the goal and close the Crowdfunding campaign on Sunday night at 100%.

If you’d like to get your own copy or show your support make sure you take action before Sunday evening.

Here is a reminder of the pledges you can make

  • Oxygen mask on yourself first: A signed copy sent directly to you £23+
  • Be a health activist: A signed copy sent to a library or a health professional (or student) that you can nominate £23+ This is inspired by the #PayItForward concept
  • The goodie bag: A signed copy with a goodie bag including a helpful mug, an orange wristband and an orange notebook with a helpful prompt for you to journal or doodle £50
  • Be a helpful advocate: Support the whole mission of helping people feel better by pledging £150 or more and you’ll be included in the list of Helpful Advocates in the First Aid for Feelings Manual.
  • Do the workshop: The first workshop since before Covid will be on January 6th (10am-5pm). Join the workshop and get your own signed copy £169

You can make pledges for any amount and anonymously if you’d prefer.

Click here to go straight to the crowdfunding campaign

First Aid for Feelings Manual peek preview

We’re now able to share with you a peek preview!

Yup, you can now read the first 34 pages. Learn about the six components of state, Feeling styles and why it’s more helpful to be curious than critical to name just a few of the aspects and information shared in those pages.

Some of the exercises in the first chapter will be included in the webinar this Sunday focusing on What stops you doing self-care. 

Click here to check out the first 34 pages of the manual