Medical disclaimer

The Helpful Clinic provides First Aid for Feelings training as well as health and business support. This service is delivered by practitioners who are non-medically trained. If at any point you have any doubts or are concerned, we encourage you to contact us for clarification.

As non-medical practitioners, we do not diagnose or treat illnesses. We work to understand and address internal and external stressors (modalities include, clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching and EFT ) to ease symptoms and suffering.

We offer our services and information to increase health and emotional literacy.

We believe knowing how to read and respond to feelings (both physical sensations and emotions) improves self-care and that good self-care supports good health. 

All our work is grounded in mindfulness-based practice. Everything starts with becoming aware of what is going on and what is needed.

Website and social media disclaimer

The information contained on this website and our social media channels, including all suggestions, ideas, techniques, and other materials, is provided only as information about feelings, self-care, health and well-being. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice.

If you have any questions about whether to use the approaches mentioned within the site, please consult your GP and/or specialist medical consultant.

We do not guarantee the outcome of the First Aid for Feelings training and health support we provide.  This includes information we provide online, in consultations or in workshops.

All usage of the modalities mentioned is to be used only on the understanding that you agree to accept responsibility for your own health and well-being. 

This website, its owners, agents, and employees, are not liable or responsible for any claim of loss or damage to your or any person arising from any information or suggestion herein. This also holds in the reading of this site – you are accepting that the authors of this website and social media content are not liable or responsible for your use of this information, including links to other resources.

We share information and links in good faith, however, we do not guarantee accuracy and / or effectiveness.

We hope you understand that the above conditions and explanations are necessary to protect you, and ourselves.  If these terms are not acceptable to you, we understand.